My South West Tour – Day 3

My South West Tour – Day 3

Day Three.
Now when I’d planned my trip I knew that this day was going to be quite hard work: my original plan was to go from Newquay to St Ives, then pick up the B3306 to Lands End. From there I would ride to The Lizard before heading back to Torquay to stay overnight. However, because I had the found the travel quite difficult getting to Newquay the previous day, I decided I would forego The Lizard and head straight from Lands End to Torquay.
Finding the B3306 was easy enough, and was amazing to travel – a twisting ribbon of tarmac through farmland and open moorland stretching ahead of you. And an old tin mine. Funny really: the amount of times I’d been to Cornwall as a child and yet this was the first time I had actually got close to one!

one tin mine as discussed!
B3306 – stunning. That’s the only word that sums it up properly.

It was at this point, just before I readied myself for the final stretch of road to Land’s End, that I checked my fuel tank – and realised how little I had left in there. Now petrol stations on this road had been non-existent to this point, and since I really wasn’t sure I had enough to make it down to Land’s End and back out again, I decided to cut inland back to Penzance for a top-up.
Once fully fuelled I headed back the same way I went out and finished the road all the way to Land’s End.

Land’s End – Made it! Yaay!!

I managed to grab a coffee and some gift shopping before walking down towards the cliff edges and just sitting on a rock, watching the waves gently caress the shoreline. It is probably one of the most relaxing times I’ve spent – in this country at least. But also a slightly sad moment when I left: all of the travelling I did from now on would be heading back towards home.
Then the long haul East down the A30 back in to Devon and my overnight stop in Torquay. It was nowhere near as scenic as the previous road had been, but a necessary ride none the less. It took around 3 hrs for me to finally ride on to the sea front, and I realised that I really had to find a good compromise between long distances and proper rest stops. Motorway riding needs a lot of focus, and I don’t think I gave myself enough rest time during the breaks that I took. However, I’d made it; tomorrow the plan was to ride eastwards along the coast to Lyme Regis, then lunch by Poole harbour before riding the final leg down the M3 home.

Torquay – last stop before home.

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