My Two Year Plan. Possibly Three.

My Two Year Plan. Possibly Three.

“Soooo what next?” I hear you cry? Well I have some ideas…

The BikeSafe course is run and manned by the Metropolitan Police; basically you spend the day with them and they will teach you new skills on various aspects of riding, followed by a ride out with them observing you. Once you finish they will tell you what you are doing right as well as advise on areas you could improve on. For me personally I think the course would be beneficial since I am still fairly new at riding large bikes and I don’t want to develop any bad habits early on. Also I would like to make sure my skills are as good as I can get them for the next part of my plan:

Two Tours around the UK
Now at the moment I have two areas in mind, but not which way round I will do them. The first (and I suspect this will be in the spring because summer will be too busy) is to head west towards Exmoor and Dartmoor and take in the sights of spring from there. The second, insha’Allah, will involve some of my other muslim brothers from further afield. The idea is to head north towards Halifax via Birmingham, to pick up other comrades, and then to go and explore Wales together. Both trips, I’m sure, will be good experiences in what and what not to do whilst touring. Should be fun!

The following year, insha’Allah, I’m looking to head into Europe. There are many islamic sites of interest, particularly in Spain, which I would like to visit and, of course, share with you. 

But what will probably do before that point is to change to a larger bike; something around the 11-1400cc range which is built for long distances. The first two options that sprang to mind are both Hondas: The Pan European and the CBR1100X Blackbird. The Blackbird is essentially Kingpin on steroids, so it appeals to me for that reason – but I’m unsure how good it would be as a touring bike.

The Pan European is pure tourer and probably the most sensible choice out of the two – but would it be as much fun?

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